Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paper Dolls

When I was a little girl, I played with paper dolls and outfits that I've been making by myself.
I think I've enjoyed for designing to them and their clothes and also their houses!
I have really passed all my childhood with papers, pencils and scissors than the toys :)
Paper dolls always makes me happy for remembering my childhood with a little smile.
Now I have start to designing paper dolls and their outfits with watercolour.
Im still enjoying so much :)
Now you can buy them on my Etsy Shop.
Miss Snow Flake is my very first paper doll illustration.

And This is my second paper doll Miss Candy Pink

All my Paper Dolls is hand drawn and painted with water colour by me.

Also You can mix and match your Miss Snow Flake and Miss Candy Pink paper dolls with their outfits!
You can find my lovely paper dolls at my Etsy shop
All you need to do is print,cut and enjoy!

*♥* One-of-a-kind *♥* Original design by me *♥* Made with Love!

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