Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woodland Owl Baby Shower

While everywhere full of Christmas inspirations and joy I must say that I’m still in autumn mood :) We have been blessed with cozy autumn days in golden sun and any rainy November days yet.
So while I am in the autumn mood I have designed one of my lovely project.
to designing cute little woodland owl party printables!!
This cute little owl illustration is from my Miss Woodland paper doll design
 First I have designed for a girl baby shower.
I will/hope to design also for a boy version and the first birthday version too ;)

 Woodland Owl Cupcake toppers and wrappers.

You can find this cute printable full Baby Shower party set on my Etsy!

for the Matching Baby Shower invitation design please look at here
Simply print, cut and party!

• • • ♥ E N J O Y ♥ • • •
*♥* One-of-a-kind *♥* Original design by me *♥* Designed with Love!

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