Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas and winter decoration: magical paper angels

I've started making holiday decorations a little bit later this year.
We've made these magic angels for window with my lovely little one.
I imagine how they will look wonderful on snowy background. But my city not a snow-covered city (maybe you can see just few snowflakes!)
Then the day after magically start to snowing and in one hour covered white all around!
When the snow softly dances and falls from the sky, I have looked our little paper angels and thought they could be magic?
I love this time of year!

I've shot this photo and thought share this tutorial with my lovely blog readers.
Fun to make with your kids these paper angel decorations!
So easy, quick and cheap...

All you need is a transparent paper, metallic marker pen (Silver or Gold) tape and a pair of scissors.

Download my printable angel pattern by clik on these images and print out a white paper.
Then trace on top of transparent paper with metallic marker.
Cut out angels and tape to a window for a nice winter or christmas decoration and enjoy!
Check back soon for other holiday decorations.
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