Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My latest Party Printables design!
Miss Cherry Blossom Doll Party Printables are happy, colorful and cute.
This sweet collection is perfect for spring birthday parties also best for Japanese girl’s day party!
What about for a Hanami picnic party under the blooming trees?
Please take a look at how cute, lovely and delightful they are!

Girls will enjoy cutting and playing their Cherry Blossom Girl paper dolls during the party
or they can take to their home as a party favor.

With these digital papers girls can make their paper fans!

A cute colorful Japanese theme party perfect for any little girl wanting to celebrate
in Japanese Style!
You can find this cute party prinatbles on my Etsy!
• • • E N J O Y • • •
*♥* One-of-a-kind *♥* Original design by me *♥* Made with Love!

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